Oracle Corporation is proud to sponsor the Police Digital Summit 2022, ‘Achieving Outcomes Together.’

Cloud-based technology has the potential to make police forces more efficient, more incisive and drive better business outcomes. Oracle’s Alex McNeil, Director of Strategy and Business Development shares his insight on a critical area of capability in policing, that continues to pose significant challenges and often comes under the spotlight; that of connected business planning.

Oracle recognises that police forces continue to face an intensification in demands for their services; with forces pivoting towards the adoption of new and emerging technologies as the answer to modernise their workforce, optimise resources and drive better outcomes.

Central to addressing these challenges, is the creation of a well thought out strategic plan and set of clearly defined priorities.  Some of the themes of this summit delve deeper into the areas that feed into the planning process and which then in turn underpins the future success of your strategy.

To develop a well thought out strategy blueprint for your force, you require dynamic planning and analytical capabilities that brings together integrated data and processes across your various business functions, such as finance, IT, HR and operations.

Oracle have engaged and listened to the problems police face in this area and have developed a sector specific police solution overview that we can share with you.

Read here Connecting Business Planning for Police Forces in the UK, Alex McNeil’s blog on how you can transform your business planning processes and do approach us directly should you wish to discuss this capability further and have access to the police solution overview.