Police Digital Summit 

The Police Digital Summit is underway and is one of the most popular events in the police digital, data and technology calendar. Achieving outcomes together is a two-day event and the theme of the 2022 summit maintains a laser focus on the National Policing Digital Strategy and the ability to develop and deliver common solutions together that transform the working practices of our workforce, bring offenders to justice and improve our service to the public.

In a post-pandemic landscape it is vital that we use the momentum created by necessity to sustain and enhance the pace of change and quality of service delivery. Data, digital and technology are no longer specialist areas, they are fundamentals for everyday policing. Achieving outcomes together aims to demonstrate how centrally enabled, locally delivered changes – are resulting in improved outcomes for our workforce, our private and public sector partners and, mostly importantly, our public.

Ian Bell, PDS CEO, gives a round up of day one in the short clip below.