Sungard Availability Services is a leading provider of critical production, recovery and UK Secure Sovereign Cloud Services to Police forces across the UK.

We have a proven track record of delivering “official” and “official sensitive” compliant solutions, and can help you gain the agility of cloud, the security and compliance needed for your most sensitive data, and the IT resilience public sector organisations require to deliver responsive managed services.

Our services are supported by SC+NPPV cleared personnel, with certified connection to PSN with Assured (PSN-A) and Protected (PSN-P).

Sungard AS can help UK Police forces:

  • Provide data that is highly available and secure through a standardised sovereign UK service on a resilient platform
  • Accelerate interoperability of data and standardise consumption
  • Achieve their digital transformation and cloud first goals
  • Providing operational support for public and private cloud environments

Tel: 0800 143 413


Forensic Analytics

We were launched in 2013, drawn from a background of policing, telecoms, cellular and RF engineering and the military. With the expertise of highly-committed engineers and expert witnesses, with a mission to improve the efficiency of forensic analysis, from crime scene to courtroom.

Today, we are the leading provider of innovative software solutions in the fight against crime. We have a covenant with law enforcement that underpins everything Forensic Analytics does. We’re relied upon by 43 out of 45 police forces in the UK to deliver critical solutions that transform the speed and efficiency of investigations, live cases and prosecutions.

Our clients depend on us for evidential excellence when it comes to forensic reports and outputs they can feel confident in. Using relationships built on trust and integrity, we’re constantly innovating to deliver advanced expertise and capabilities to stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing digital ingenuity of criminals.

Tel:  0800 158 3830