Who we are

Salesforce is the #1 CRM, bringing the public sector and citizens together in the digital age. The Salesforce Customer 360 for Public Sector is an integrated platform for public services - enabling relationship management, case management, collaboration, integration, analytics, outreach and modern application development.

For policing, Salesforce’s Citizen Connect can enable police forces to transform services to victims by reducing the need for repeat contact, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks, improving data quality, increasing capacity return, improving wellbeing by reducing hindrance stressors and improving decision-making capability.

Understanding the Problem

Over the last decade, policing has faced new challenges including reduced budgets, increased complexity and reductions in victim satisfaction. The consequences of these challenges surface in increased re-contact to 101, 999 and digital channels, complaints from the public, and a reduction in positive outcomes. Consequently, this impedes the capability for police forces to provide outstanding services to victims, increases end-to-end costs and impacts the wellbeing of policing's most important asset, your people.

As we look to the next decade and beyond, the nature of crime will continue to rapidly evolve and change. The Victims’ Commission uses research from across the world of policing to highlight the critical nature of keeping victims informed. This includes personalising the service to create trust and leveraging the power of multi-agency work to ensure the safety of victims from contact to closure. As the world leader in CRM, we can help policing to transform its service and achieve the benefits that our customers achieve each day.

Building confidence and trust with Citizen Connect

One area where Salesforce can make a significant difference is in delivering real-time information to decision-makers. In Contact Management, the time it takes call-takers to service a call (including wrap up time) has increased significantly over the last decade, but we can change this by providing a 360 view through our Citizen Connect capability. This rich picture, coupled with built-in automation improves data quality from the start and enables the call-taker to listen and record effectively, make effective decisions and in turn keep victims and front-line staff safe.

Through our partnership with Sopra Steria, we are able to connect their market-leading STORM Command and Control (CAD) system to Salesforce to present an omnichannel capability and provide the victim or caller with the flexibility to contact, and be contacted, on their preferred channel. When coupled with the power of MuleSoft, our integration platform, this single sign-on technology allows police officers and staff to conduct multiple searches (including core records management systems, PNC and PND) rather than logging in separately. Mulesoft aligns to the Police Digital Service’s Standards of Work and is currently being used by a key national policing programme to help deliver new policing capabilities.

Importantly, our success is only achieved when you are successful. Together, we can significantly improve policing’s efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy, and in turn, the lives of communities across the United Kingdom.

For further information visit us on our stand or salesforce.com/uk/publicsector