Building trust through brilliant digital conversations

Citizens across the UK trust in the nation’s Police Forces to do the right thing and be there for them in the moments that matter. For some individuals, it’s just not possible to dial 999 in an emergency. They may be neurodivergent, deaf or in a situation where it’s simply not safe to talk on the phone, but regardless of their reason, these citizens need to be able to call for help. What if you could open up your digital channels to enable the public to easily report crimes online? Well, you can! Making adjustments to ensure every citizen can reach you when they’re in need doesn’t have to be complicated - your Force can be there in real-time to do the right thing - all with a little help from Orlo, one of only two suppliers on the Police Digital Framework!


Orlo is proud to work with a third of UK Forces and understands the need for a clear, consistent and unified communication strategy, both internally and in public facing engagement. The Orlo platform provides a universal tool for Forces, enabling them to execute on their social objectives, whilst presenting ‘one voice’ across their Force. Whether citizens choose Social, WhatsApp, SMS or Live Chat, the Orlo platform allows citizens to easily engage with their local constabulary on the channels they use everyday, saving time, driving efficiency and increasing engagement in traditionally harder to reach communities.


With a whole host of features, designed with Police in mind, Orlo’s Content Calendar makes scheduling digital campaigns a breeze and our powerful analytics module allows Forces to track their impact from beginning to end. Whatsmore,  Orlo’s unique Tamper Check feature enables digital evidence to be admissible in court.


So whether there’s a need to inform the public of the latest guidance or raise awareness of a missing person, the Orlo platform allows Forces to get messages out quickly, and instantly understand their impact.