Andy Rhodes QPM

Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary

Andy Rhodes is the Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary one of 43 forces in England & Wales with a workforce of 6000. He is also the NPCC lead for wellbeing, staff engagement and organisational development. His policing background has been mainly in the uniform and specialist operations disciplines including Counter Terrorism Firearms Command. For the last 5 years, Andy has held the position of Professional Community Chair for OD and International Policing in the College of Policing. He was awarded the QPM in 2016 and has an MBA and a Post Graduate Certificate in coaching. He is Chair of CPOSA the Chief Police Officers Staff Association. Andy has worked with experts from across policing and academia and is the service lead for the National Well Being Service (NPWS) Oscar Kilo (OK) . The NPWS is services a blue light community of over 200,000 law enforcement and fire professionals. The OK programme comprises a range of services from line manager and executive leadership training to psychological support. Andy is the COVID-19 national police lead for testing and personal protective equipment as well as HR policy. He is currently preparing his doctoral research study which will focus on wellbeing.

Session recordings coming soon!


Session recordings coming soon