Fūsus is the first company to ingest and unify live video and data feeds from virtually any source, irrespective of the make/model of the camera. The Fusus platform pulls in Body Worn Video, streams from other police assets - in car cameras, drones and covert cameras - and enables these to be viewed in the real-time by decision makers on a ‘single pane of glass’, whether in the control room, on a laptop or a mobile device in the field. AI, “object searching” provides officers with opportunities to deliver precision policing and inform immediate or slower time lines of enquiry. This helps deliver better outcomes. A Fusus registry, delivered with full marketing and communication support, enables residents to inform police of their doorbell cameras. These are mapped allowing multiple requests for footage to be made by investigators at the click of a button. Fusus supports contact with vulnerable individuals at their time of need through location video consultation complemented with permission based, geolocation tools. Collected evidence in a UK cloud based, CJIS compliant vault that can be pulled into a Force’s DEMS platform. These capabilities are made available to a police Force with unlimited licences and integrations.