Exception is a digital transformation company with a proven track record in achieving digital innovation across UK police forces. As a trusted policing partner for 15 years, we have enabled six forces to transform and align with the Police Vision 2025 and the National Digital Policing Strategy.

Our specialisms focus on digital adoption and change management, empowering forces with the many benefits of leading cloud platforms, especially Azure and AWS. Exception adds real value by supporting UK forces in developing and implementing their own digital strategies and plans, aligned with industry best practices.

Exception enables Digital Teams in police forces to:

  • Optimise their digital technologies to achieve more efficient and effective policing using Digital Roadmaps developed through PDS initiatives and wider industry trends 
  • Maximise their usage of data and information so their forces can achieve greater interoperability across the justice sectors and wider stakeholders such as the NHS and Local Authorities 
  • Drive their innovation in areas such as Digital Workplaces with M365 to optimise their work environments through their best use of collaborative and sharing technologies  
  • Co-review and implement cost-effective Digital Change and Governance Controls to improve digital police force operation, driving best return against budgets and a path for ICT modernisation