CDW’s supports 45% of the UK forces, collaboratively defining and deploying solutions that digitally transform operations. By delivering critical services where most needed with end-to-end technology solutions and services CDW help emergency services meet their mission to serve and protect.

CDW’s experience extends to empowering police teams with digital tools that strengthen public safety through technology-driven change. With a proven track record of overseeing complex IT projects, CDW’s expert teams bring together diverse information sources, driving better decision-making and simplifying the delivery of essential services by removing silos. CDW make you more agile, responsive to public needs, and foster seamless collaboration both internally and externally. This approach reduces unnecessary spending and relieves pressure on valuable resources.


As digital forensics specialists, CDW offers an integrated suite of technology solutions tailored to streamline the collection and analysis of digital forensics data. These solutions bring operational and technical efficiency improvements, enabling quicker device examinations and reducing the need for costly outsourcing.

In the policing arena, CDW has developed comprehensive solutions, defining pre-configuration and deployment methodologies utilised by our Forensic Network Services Team. With a documented and repeatable program, CDW guarantees seamless preparation, delivery, and ongoing support for all Digital Forensics solutions.


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