Black Rainbow was formed for the sole strategic intent of bringing a modern, intuitive, and innovative solution to market with our mission, to reduce the investigation lifecycle through intelligence, efficiency, and integrity. Our NIMBUS solution is the first integrated investigation platform for intelligence, case and quality management available to the investigation and intelligence global market.


We are streamlining the way investigations have previously been managed by providing a solution, which is user configurable and agile enough to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges. NIMBUS provides complete control and visibility of the full investigation lifecycle, supported with defensible evidence tracking, task management and reporting, intelligence generation, optimise decision making whilst maintaining investigation integrity and disclosure, all underpinned by compliance to latest quality standards and procedures.


NIMBUS combines technological prowess, efficient performance, scalability, rich functionality, reliability, and a user-friendly interface to provide significant value and impact to its user making it Powerful, Efficient and Transformative.