BAE Systems has a long tradition of support to policing, national security and the defence sector. We work in partnership with a range of national and local organisations, all contributing to the safety and security of citizens and the country’s interests as a whole.


We are pleased to introduce ILAS- the Intelligence Lead Assessment Service to the policing community in particular. ILAS was built from the ground up based on users’ experiences and real-world challenges. ILAS is augmented intelligence. It is a new technology that reasons at a breadth and scale beyond human capability, making sense of all your data to determine what is happening in the real world. By replicating expert human tradecraft, it performs the role of multiple analysts, building pictures of risk to underpin decision making.


ILAS is already making a significant impact in forces to identify and mitigate risk in areas such as. Firearms licensing, child protection and domestic abuse and is continuing to grow into other fields. ILAS is a catalyst for organisational change, providing forces with an entirely new capability which opens the door to true digital transformation in crucial operational areas of policing.