Datactics provides an award-winning, AI-augmented data quality platform. In partnership with the UK Home Office and national police forces, Datactics has developed a nationwide, highly scalable, private cloud-based system for crime classification and reporting: the National Data Quality Improvement Service (NDQIS). 

NDQIS enables the large volumes of crime reports logged by UK police forces to be automatically analysed and classified according to government standards in order to create consistent national reporting for specific crime types, increasing accuracy of results and dramatically reducing time taken.

Key features: 

  • Data quality, fuzzy matching and automatic crime classification across hundreds of millions of structured and semi-structured data elements
  • Web-based workflow management enabling manual review of data falling below confidence thresholds 
  • Exposes a library of rules and associated dictionary to business analysts that works in conjunction with relevant data governance processes and systems for other data tools, such as lineage, catalog etc.


  • Reduced manual processing and data preparation time  
  • Increased accuracy of matching a crime report to the correct crime type 
  • Increased automation means reduced psychological impact for analysts.