Trilateral Research is a responsible AI company, founded in ethics and research, leading advancements, fostering collaborations, and shaping a future where AI empowers individuals and communities for a more equitable and sustainable world. CESIUM is Trilateral’s flagship AI solution; in development since 2018 with co-design partners Lincolnshire Police to support child safeguarding efforts across the force. A live trial of CESIUM in early 2023 indicated an increase in early referrals of vulnerable children of up to 6 months, a projected increase in operational capacity of 400%, and a decrease in time spent on administration – a reduction from 5 people researching, gathering, and analysing data over 5 days, to 1 person analysing all near-real-time data within 20 minutes. 


CESIUM is a groundbreaking AI solution for both single-agency and multi-agency Safeguarding Partnerships, and will revolutionise the UK’s approach to child safeguarding.