At Axon, our mission is to protect life, capture truth, and accelerate justice with the leading technology for public safety.

You may be familiar with our TASER conducted energy devices protecting life or our body-worn video cameras capturing truth. But we are also revolutionising police workflows through robust digital evidence management, harnessing the power of the digital transformation to solve cases faster. This means less time on administrative tasks and more time on the work that matters most.

We’re bringing all your digital evidence from body-worn video devices, in-car cameras, and even from the public – including mobile phone, security camera, and CCTV footage -- together in one secure DEMS platform. Axon Evidence empowers law enforcement agencies to manage, access, and share evidence in a fraction of the time, accelerating outcomes for victims and witnesses and bringing perpetrators to justice sooner. With advanced system integrations and sharing workflows (including to the Crown Prosecution Service and external advocates), Axon allows public safety users to collaborate across the criminal justice system.

Our collection of integrated solution offerings can be described as the Axon ecosystem. By weaving together connected devices, software, services, and strategic partners, we expand the capability of each and provide public safety professionals with the resources they need to protect communities.

There is a great amount of research, development, and customer feedback that goes into each new product we release, and the work doesn’t stop after launch. We receive exceptional recommendations from users — across the UK and globally — on how to make our products and services more reliable each day, and we release product updates and upgrades as well as new pieces of our ecosystem.

Our hardware and software all work as one Axon network, from capture to the court, to empower public safety agencies to protect their communities.

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