Black Marble is an award-winning software development house, specialising in cloud and integration solutions.  Our mobile policing platform, tuServ, has been designed to put the emphasis on crafting process and technology around operational needs, through improved accuracy, with increased collaboration, leading to more efficient use of resources.


tuServ consolidates information from core policing systems (such as Athena, Storm, and HOBs) into a single user experience, and provides forces with a secure evidentiary correct solution with full accountability and audit trail.  It is designed to deliver time savings and increase officer efficiency, enabling officers to gather evidence and collaborate with their colleagues whilst using tuServ on patrol, out in their community.


We offer chief constables the opportunity to provide their officers with a single application which will push and pull data from existing police systems, meaning a single log in and a significant reduction in the duplication of data entries. We understand the need for good quality data and recognise that accurate data is the lifeblood of policing.


Beyond our mobile policing platform, we offer police forces a roadmap towards embracing cloud technology and artificial intelligence, allowing police forces to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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